Travel tips in Myanmar


In spite of the advisedly welcome decision of the government to permit much wider press freedom, Myanmar is still a very different place to travel in Southeast Asian area. To have the best trip interesting country, we give you some following tips.

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Bring noise-cancelling headphones with you

Before leaving for Myanmar, do not hesitate to spend some extra cash on a sufficient pair of noise-cancelling headphones which play an important role in changing the sound of the TV on long-distance bus rides and cutting out the booming. Buses are thought to be the most reasonable way to travel in Myanmar, meaning that 52-seat coaches are quoin full of people hoping to be entertained. The Burmese are extremely interested in music videos. All stands are covered, at the loudest volume, whether on the epic ten-hour west-east route from Bagan to Inle Lake or on a short ride from Yangon to Bago while on overnight buses, they leave the TV on until as late as 1am.

Go veggie

Go veggie in Myanmar via Raise A Toast

Delicious with stunning decoration, mouth-watering Burmese dishes can attract any visitors. But it can be a chastening experience when eating meat here. It is said that people keep chickens for more than ten years before butchering when these chickens finally stop laying eggs. You do not need to know how hardly delightsome and tender the meat is. Similarly, it will be fascinating to have a short walk through the meat stalls in Nyaungshwe market, but do not allow yourself sample beef.  Go veggie instead. Because of the huge Buddhist population, you can choose among plentiful options when deciding to go veggie. For non-meat eaters, the ethnic Shan food, with hearty noodle broths inseted with very fresh greens, which are grown on the floating fields around Inle Lake, is especially good.

Check handle to hold on in your cab

Due to the economic admissions forced by the West government since the military falldown of 1988, taxis in Myanmar are by and large ageing white Toyota Celica hierarchies. They heavily restrict car imports and only the very richest can get hold of ostentatious new 4x4s. While thanks to Burmese mechanical intellect, the engines of these old motors still buzz, they are certainly well behind the safety-focused cars you can see today. Before sliding in and getting driven off into Yangon roads’ chaos, you should ensure to check your cab. It should have at least one handle for you to grab hold of when overtaking colonial-era trucks on single lane freeways or flying round corners as seat belts on back seats are noteworthy by their absence.

Yangon taxi via Begodi

Never sit down on hired bikes

To see rural Myanmar thoroughly, hiring bikes, which gives you a closer insight into areas far away from the hustle and bustle of many major cities of Yangon and Mandalay, is one of the best selections. Be sure to stand on the pedals if you want to enjoy sitting down for a meal as usual as you can while you are out sightseeing after riding for such a long day. This is particularly true on the long deep tracks around Nyaungshwe, a truly thrilling experience that can be obviously made all the more uncomfortable if you use the pillion.

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