The Vat Phou Cruises


The Mekong is the artery of life in Laos: a trading route, a source of food and water, and a social center for the settlements along its banks. Known locally as The Mother of Waters, the Mekong river has been venerated and worshiped for thousands of years.

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The Vat Phou Cruises offer a fantastic opportunity to discover the splendor of the Mekong River and the Unesco World Heritage Vat Phou Temple on a delightful three-day voyage aboard a luxurious floating hotel.

The original Mekong cruise

Since 1999, our custom built river cruiser has traveled on the Mekong in Laos between Pakse, Champasak and Don Khong Island.
The boat is appointed with everything for your comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Our boat staff and guide are always available to help you with any need you may have during your cruise on the Mekong.

The Vat Phou boat

Originally a ferry that carried teak wood between Vientiane and the south of Laos, in 1993 the Vat Phou boat was lovingly converted into a luxurious floating hotel, cruising the Mekong river. The Vat Phou boat is a 34 meter long, 7.5 meter wide steel hulled teak barge, equipped with two 260 HP Isuzu diesel engines.

The Vat Phou Boat via Uniq Hotels

The design retains a character that is unmistakably oriental and enables you to relax in comfort while you cruise the Mekong, you enjoy the ever changing pageantry of river scenery and life as you pass smoothly by. We have 14 staff on each Mekong cruise departure. This includes 2 full time captains, 2 mechanics, 2 cooks, 3 cleaning staff and 5 bar or wait staff. We also have on board an English, French and Thai speaking guide who can help answer any questions and point out interesting sights along the way.

There are two decks on the Vat Phou boat. The lower deck has 10 cabins, the kitchen/galley and our evening air-conditioned dining room. The upper deck has 2 cabins, the bar and a two large open air shaded decks – one at each end of the boat. The ship is fully equipped with safety equipment meeting international standards.

The front upper deck has rattan armchairs, sofas, coffee tables and lounges. This area is perfect for lying back to read a book, taking photographs of life along the Mekong River or having an afternoon nap. The rear upper deck has chairs, sofas and coffee tables. We also have the bar area here where our staff can serve you tea, coffee or drinking water, which are all included free during the cruise. You are also able to purchase beer, soft drinks, wine and spirits. Breakfast and lunch are usually served here, watching the sun dance on the waters surface.

The cabins of the Vat Phou boat

The cabin in Vat Phou boat via Expertasia Travel

The Vat Phou boat has 12 elegant twin shared cabins, each with a view over the southern Mekong River in Laos. Every cabin is fully air-conditioned and also has a fan for optimum temperature control. The cabins are fitted with dressing tables and a wardrobe so you can unpack easily and relax. The private bathrooms have a hot shower and a western style toilet for your convenience. Our Vat Phou staff clean your cabin daily.

Life jackets are available in a variety of sizes including children’s sizes.

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