Mesmerizing cuisine of the Mekong Delta


The cuisine of the Mekong Delta which is very unique with plentiful tastes that associated with the culture in Mekong subregion. The dishes brings its own unique twists and flavors on traditional cuisine of Vietnam – a culinary superpower. Moreover, the diversity of ethnic groups living in Mekong also makes the Mekong Delta’s cuisine more distinct.

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Attractive, delicious and good for health

The abundance of crops and rice ensures that everything is amazingly fresh with outstanding diversity and subtle fragrances. Delve into a world of noodle soups, rice paper rolls stuffed with lettuce, banana, pineapple and basil, pate and minced pork wrapped in banana leaves or pancakes with coconut milk, then you can see why this region really is thought to be the foodie heaven.

Moreover, the characteristics of people in the Mekong Delta are reflected through its stunning cuisine. Also represented in the concepts about food quality, practical is among the most specific characteristics of people in Mekong Delta. Attractive, delicious and good for health are three qualities that all dishes in the Mekong Delta must satisfy.

A bow of noodle soup in Soc Trang via Luxury Cruise Mekong

The effect of food on health is always prioritized in cooking process. When sitting in the table and enjoying the meal, you will be shown which food is good for kidney, which food is good for bone, which food is good for heart, so on. The cuisine of the Mekong Delta, with the seasonal menu and the concept “eat to live”, promises to bring you the high standards of healthy, aesthetics and diversity.

Extreme flavor

People in Mekong Delta, because of their open-minded and strong characteristics, have special taste with strong flavor. People in Mekong Delta always prefer extreme flavor: extreme spicy, extreme salty, unlike people in the north promoting the light and cool flavor or preferring the harmony between flavors. They think that to enjoy extreme taste, extreme fresh, extreme flavor is the only way.

According to historians, because of the hardship during the reclamation, people in Mekong Delta completely respected their labor outcomes and did not let themselves waste even a little grain. Nowadays, this cuisine culture is still well preserved as a way to remind people of such a difficult time period in the past although life has become much easier thanks to the economic development.

Dishes in Mekong delta via Vietnam Express Travel

Besides the main specialties of many kinds of fresh fruits, Mekong Delta River also offers a large number of other kinds of food, which easily fascinate a lot of travelers. You can easily find a sufficient selection of cream, noodles, tasty and sweet cakes and others in the morning market. Banh bo – a kind of flour cake with coconut cream, honey, mustard leaves & sauté beef, and bo la lot – a grilled or Vietnamese Fried ruffled gourami fish or fried dish of minced beef wrapped in betel nut leaves are some of the stunning food kinds.

In general, once coming to Mekong Delta, you will enjoy a huge food stall verified by diversified ways of processing, various materials, characterized by intensive characteristics of people in the Mekong Delta.

The prosperous land of Mekong Delta brings plenty of fresh ingredients to make a large number of delicious dishes. All provinces have their own specialties which will definitely fascinate flavor of tourists.

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