Famous fruits in Mekong Delta


Mekong Delta is one of the destinations which have many potential of tourism in Vietnam that is very famous for fresh air, natural resource, traditional culture, folk festivals and so on. The typical natural landscapes here are mainly delta and sea. All of these are very unique and attractive for tourists. Moreover, local people are very friendly and hospitable.

One more thing that makes Mekong delta become one of the most ideal arrivals for visitors is its fruits. There are many kinds of fruits in Mekong delta which have their own taste. Coming here, you shouldn’t miss enjoying fruits in Mekong delta.

Rambutan- the famous kind of fruit in Mekong delta

Rambutan develops strongly in the tropical areas. Its origin is from Java island. Being imported into Vietnam for centuries, it becomes the popular fruits in this nation. However, you can only enjoy the most delicious rambutans in Mekong delta. When the Southern wind blows from East Sea, rambutans start being ripe brilliantly.

Rambutan via Van Hoa Mien Tay

Vinh Long is the province which has a large number of local people plant this fruit. Rambutan in Vinh Long is very sweet and cool. When it is ripe, its shell turns red which looks extremely attractive. When eating, you should use knife to pare rather than your mouth or hand because its shell is very bitter and acrid.

Durian- the unique of fruit with special flavor

Durian is one of the most famous kinds of fruit in Mekong delta. When being ripe, its shells separated themselves, which makes four or five zones. Durian zones’ sizes are not similar to each other. They are yellow and have typical flavor which make durian be very different from other fruits. It is greasy and sweet. However, not all can enjoy this fruit.

Durian via Anh Ba Mien Tay

For some people, the flavor of durian is foul-smelling. When smelling it, they feel uncomfortable and want to avoid. However, if you can smell this special flavor, you can feel that it is one of the best taste that you have ever eaten.

Cai Mon durian is a famous trademark in Mekong delta because of its quality and appearance. The size of Cai Mon durian is outstanding when being compared with that of other trademarks. It is about 5 kilograms per one. Moreover, it is also appreciated by many markets in the world such as Thailand, Singapore and so on.

Jack fruit in Mekong delta – try once time and miss forever

Jack fruit via Cooky.com

Jack fruit is one of the most delicious fruits in Mekong delta. It is very attractive for tourist because of both taste and appearance. The average weight of this kind of fruit is about 4 kilograms and it is suitable for 5 sets. When looking over, you can see that it is similar to durian. However, it is absolutely different in taste. Its flavor is fragrant and its zone is dark sweet and tasty. If having chance to visit Mekong delta, you should try this fruit.

Fruits in Mekong delta have their own taste and flavor. They are the symbols of a beautiful destination with the natural diversity. Coming here, visiting the garden and enjoying many kinds of fruit will be an interesting experience in your journey. For more information about cuisine in the Mekong, please visit our website.